We are pleased to now offer a no-cost evaluation trial of Rosetta Studio!

You will receive the unrestricted software and an easy-to-follow, self-guided tutorial. This allows your company to get hands-on with the actual product to see how Rosetta Studio will deliver increased productivity and cost savings, without any direct expense and in very little time.  We allow 15-days of trial usage, for multiple users.  The tutorial takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete and can easily be broken in to small chunks to be completed over a two-week period.

Our software is truly easy to use and powerful for market researchers, so why not try the software for free, and let it speak for itself?  We believe strongly in this product, its ease of use and its ROI for users, so we want you to experience it firsthand to see the truly massive amount of time and expense you may save, while increasing the accuracy and consistency of your end product.

To begin a free trial, please contact us via email or telephone (contact information can be found to the left).  Out of respect for your time, we first will ask some general information about your business and reporting needs, so that we can mutually ascertain if Rosetta Studio would be a good fit for your company. We will then provide you login information to the tutorial website where you can e-sign the trial agreement, after which the software will be released to you.

Rosetta Studio is the only product of its kind that can have you saving time very quickly, without a long training period.  You can “recoup" the time it takes to run through the tutorial on your first small project; with a large project, you won’t know how you lived without Rosetta Studio!

After this free trial, further paid training / trial periods are available for a nominal fee if you desire.


Rosetta Studio:

No-Cost Trial Information